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Dental Implant Aftercare Tips for Painless Healing

People lose teeth naturally with age, but in some cases, degeneration starts early due to unhealthy oral hygiene. Thanks to advancements made in dental science, now you can have natural-looking strong teeth with dental implant treatment. The treatment involves fusing an implant into the jawbone, thus resulting in creating a strong foundation for artificial crowns. Compared to dentures and bridges, dental implants give you better look along with the much-needed natural strength and durability. Besides, comfortable fitting gives you the freedom to eat anything you wish and better speech.

Everything is exceptionally great with dental implants, but the effectiveness depends on your commitment to follow aftercare tips shared by your dentist. Any carelessness could cause infection, thus extend the recovery period beyond the normal 2-3 weeks. The dental system is highly complex, and dental implant procedure involves surgical intervention, so follow aftercare guidelines strictly suggested by reputed clinics like Affinity Dentistry in the ACT.

Aftercare Tips to Have Perfect Dental Implant 

The effectiveness of dental implants is unquestionable. With a success rate of near 100%, it is one of the best possible solutions for missing teeth. Since successful replacement of missing tooth depends on your oral care regimen, you should follow these dental implant aftercare tips to have lifelong naturally looking teeth:

Keep Dental Implants Clean

A dental implant consists of titanium-made screws, abutment, and crowns, which won’t ever get cavities. However, gum tissues surrounding your implant get infected if you aren’t following a standard oral care regimen. You should rinse the dental implant area using an antiseptic mouthwash, at least during the healing phase. Once the implant is properly fused into the jawbone, you have to follow a regular oral care routine to keep the mouth free of germs.

Brushing Dental Implant

Your gums will take some time to heal once the stitches are removed. Although dentists take all necessary precautions to avoid chances of infection, you should start brushing and flossing the area only when your gums are properly healed. It is better to avoid brushing the implant area for a few weeks and start brushing using antiseptic gel once your dentist Deakin allows you to do so.

Eating with Caution 

The procedure involves fusing an implant into the jaw, which requires surgical intervention. To avoid injury and infection, you should eat soft food only for a week. Why put unnecessary stress on the jawbone by eating hard items and invite infections. Experts recommend avoiding extremely hot and cold food or beverages during the healing phase.

Managing Pain

Some swelling and pain are natural, which could last for a few days. Your dentist will recommend anti-inflammatory medication to control infection and pain, but if the pain and swelling persist, you should consult your dentist immediately as this could be a sign of implant failure.

Avoid Smoking

The success rate of dental implants among smokers is relatively low. So, you have to stop smoking, at least during the recovery phase. If you want your dental implant to last forever, you have t quit smoking permanently.

Bottom Line

If you are concerned about surgical incision and pain, you should relax as dental treatments are far advanced to treat with the least pain. Since the procedure requires expertise, you should book an appointment with a trusted clinic like Affinity Dentistry of ACT to have quality treatment at a very affordable rate.

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