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    Advantages of Teeth Whitening

    According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s national poll, 96 percent of individuals believe an attractive smile makes that person more appealing to the opposite gender, and 74 percent say an unpleasant smile can impair a person’s career success. Your social, as well as career options, are enhanced when you have a clean, straight grin that you are proud of!

    Maybe you’re undecided about teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a harmless, life-enhancing procedure that can improve your physical look as well as your mental health.

    The following are four advantages of teeth whitening:

    • Teeth whitening boosts your self-confidence: One’s self-esteem will soar as a result of teeth whitening. A smile with bright, dazzling teeth is hard to miss, whether you’re at work, giving a presentation, on a date, or just walking down the street! Others will notice that you take care of yourself and care about your appearance if your teeth are white. The result will be felt by those close to you!
    • Teeth whitening enhances your appearance: You may have the healthiest teeth and the straightest smile, but you’re not immune to the harm that regular food and drink can do. Over time, foods, soda, coffee, and tea discolour our teeth. Without needing to ‘filter’ or edit your images after the correct whitening technique, you’ll notice the change right away. Teeth whitening will benefit in the removal of stains provoked by common foods and beverages.
    • Teeth whitening minimizes the look of wrinkles: Teeth whitening may be a good alternative for you if you’re self-conscious about wrinkles. People are much more likely to notice your brilliant white smile than your wrinkles. This will divert attention away from the look of wrinkles, frown lines and acne scars in the surrounding area.
    • Teeth whitening doesn’t break the bank: Teeth whitening is slightly less costly than plastic surgery! After in-office treatment, a touch-up kit will suffice to keep the whitening effect going. The cost of teeth whitening plus an at-home booster is low, but the results are significant.

    Why Choose Affinity Dentistry?

    At Affinity Dentistry, we’d be delighted to assist you whether one requires a Dental Implants Griffith in executing the whiter smile you’ve always desired! If you’d wish to understand more about your teeth whitening alternatives, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and then they will contact you as soon as possible.

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