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What is Special Needs Dentistry?

Special needs dentistry is a field that is dedicated to providing dental care for patients that have complex medical conditions, physical and intellectual disabilities or are suffering from dental anxiety. Special needs dentistry is focused on creating a calm and accessible environment to help patients feel at ease and empowered during their visit.
This may often include the use of nitrous oxide sedation and adapted treatment techniques to suit every unique requirement, but more often than not it’s about having the right medical team in an environment that is suited to the needs of the patient.


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Introducing Dr. Natasha Rangachari, a Canberra native who earned her Masters of Dentistry from La Trobe University in 2016. With a gentle and compassionate approach, she has a special interest in preventative dentistry, special needs dentistry, and paediatric dentistry. Dr. Natasha understands the unique challenges that are involved in caring for individuals with additional needs. She offers personalised, evidence-based treatment options and is committed to providing the care, patience, and expertise her patients deserve.
Let us support you or your loved one on their dental journey.

The Affinity Dentistry Approach

At Affinity Dentistry, our practice is particularly designed to ensure a calm and comforting environment. This includes large treatment rooms, natural lighting, and state-of-the-art maneuverable dental chairs. We spent time in designing our clinic to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing, comforting yet modern. 

We understand the importance of feeling at ease during dental visits and one of our associate dentists Dr Natasha has focused her training in special needs care, leading our team in offering special needs dentistry for all. From detailed oral health analyses to personalised treatment plans, we prioritise preventive care and patient comfort. We also offer on-the-spot health fund rebates, making our comprehensive and compassionate dental care convenient for every member of our community. We provide optimal care to all our patients no matter the situation, focusing on treating the individual and their specific needs. 

What Provisions Can We Make for Special Needs Dental Patients?

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