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    Affinity Dentistry is here to help the Canberra community in times of need. You just never know when a dental emergency might occur, that’s why we reserve emergency appointment slots daily to ensure your toothache or broken filling can be dealt with urgently. Regardless of the issue, our experienced dentist in Deakin have the solution.

    Severe tooth ache

    Experiencing pain or discomfort is never a good thing, especially when it comes on so suddenly. A severe tooth ache is a sure sign that you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. These symptoms are a natural response from your body to let you know that something is not right in your mouth which should be addressed immediately. Delaying a dental visit for a mild tooth ache usually means the cause of the discomfort progresses into a much more serious issue, this can often mean the treatment required can become more complicated and in turn be more expensive.


    Chipped tooth/Broken tooth

    When it comes to a chipped tooth, it can sometimes be too small to place a filling, however the surface becomes rough/jagged which may gather plaque and cause bacteria to grown which causes decay. It may be as simple as a quick polish to smoothen the surface so plaque is less likely to gather. Chipped enamel can also expose the dentine layer of your tooth which can become sensitive and also decay much quicker than the enamel layer would.

    In cases when it’s a larger piece of tooth or filling that’s broken off, it may be due to underlying decay or cracks in your tooth. The emergency dentist in Affinity Dentistry would the cause based on their examination and your symptoms and provide you with all of your options. We aim to provide treatment on the same day to relieve your symptoms as quickly as possible.


    Swollen gums/Swollen jaw

    Gum inflammation or swollen gums could be caused by a build-up of plaque and/tartar on your teeth where they meet your gums, this is known as gingivitis. Gingivitis can cause bleeding, bad breath, gum recession and bone recession. Gingivitis has been closely linked to cardiovascular disease (heart disease) due to the presence of inflammation the body/blood stream.

    Another common cause of gum inflammation is food getting trapped in and around wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often come through at an awkward angle and can be difficult to clean effectively, if not monitored, this can result in tooth decay and/or and infection and swelling in the area surrounding the wisdom tooth/teeth.



    Infections can develop anywhere in your mouth including your lips, tongue, palate, cheeks, gums, teeth and also in the bone that surrounds your teeth. If you have swelling in your gums or swelling in your face/jaw it may be due to the presence of an infection. If at any point you find it difficult to breathe as a result of the swelling, you should seek emergency assistance immediately. In non life threatening cases, you should seek advice from a dental professional.

    Some other symptoms which may indicate the presence of an infection include bad breathe, pain, fever, a bitter taste and swollen glands. A chipped/broken tooth, gum inflammation and food becoming trapped can all lead to an infection if left untreated.


    Sensitivity to hot or cold

    Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures can be unbearable, even when just taking a deep breath. If you are experiencing these extremes, there is a multitude of reason as to why that could be. Exposed roots, decay, even a dead or dying nerve. These situations do not go away and may continue to cause pain or discomfort long term. What may be a simple solution now, can become a more serious issue if left untreated.



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