Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation is a form of sedation used in dental treatment, and is commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas.

Administration of conscious sedation is a rapid and effective way to help reduce associated dental anxiety, pain and even suppress the gag reflex.

There are no limitations to what procedures conscious sedation can be utilised with as it is a predictable and harmless sedative. Regularly used on young children, nitrous sedation can prevent the need for hospitalisation & general anaesthesia as it enables the dentist to safely treat the calm child in the chair.

The conscious sedation gas is mixed with oxygen and the effective dose (varies for each individual) is delivered through a small nosepiece. The patient will still be conscious throughout the entire procedure, however will feel more at ease.

The effects of conscious sedation are self-limiting and there is no “hangover” effect, thus recovery is almost instant after the dental treatment has been completed. The gas is completely eliminated from the body within 3-5 minutes and you can drive home safely without an escort.

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