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    Dentist Canberra

    Looking for a reliable dentist Canberra to take care of your family’s oral health? Or you just had a dental emergency and are looking for a dentist who can offer you immediate relief? Whatever may your need be, Affinity Dentistry is here to help you out. We are a leading dental clinic in Canberra offering premium quality service to all our patients. With experienced dentists and staff, we not only cure dental and oral problems, but bring back smile to all the lovely people that visit us.

    Our services include:

    Regular dental care

    There is nothing more important than regular dental check-ups if you want to avoid dental problems. As the best dentist in Canberra, we suggest a dental and oral check-up every 6 months so that all problems can be nipped off at the bud. Why let a minor problem grow into a worry for you when you have us to care you oral health? Book your slot today and let that smile shine!

    Emergency appointments

    Finding the best dentist in Canberra can become hectic, especially when you have a dental emergency. Worry not as Affinity Dentistry is here to help you. Call us up and we will allot you an appointment immediately. No need to wait to see a dentist as we have slots set aside for emergency appointments just like yours. Save our contact number just for times like this.

    Dental implants

    Do not let decayed or lost teeth cause inconvenience. Opt for dental implants today and bring back your lost smile. Our team of experienced dentist Canberra is here to offer you the best service. Use of top-class materials and the latest and safest surgical procedures ensure that you get a hassle-free experience.

    Teeth whitening

    Do you often shy away from smiling because of your stained teeth? Well, it is time to get the shine back on your face. We offer excellent teeth whitening services that you can rely on. As the best dentist in Canberra we guarantee that when you leave our clinic after an hour-long session of teeth whitening, you can see the difference quite clearly. Each teeth whitening session can make your teeth quite a few shades brighter.


    Suffering from broken, decaying, or loose teeth? Nothing to worry about as we offer the latest cosmetic dentistry services to all our clients. From installing veneers to placing crowns, we perform all modern corrective dental procedures so that you can regain your lost smile.

    Mouth guards

    As the best dentist in Canberra we extend our services to help athletes protect their teeth and mouth from all sorts of sports injury. Our high-grade, custom-made mouth guards are the protection that you need on-field to perform your best.

    Why Affinity Dentistry?

    When it comes to dental and oral care, choosing the best dentist Canberra is the way to go. At Affinity Dentistry, we promise

    • Professional, proficient staff
    • Warm, friendly atmosphere
    • Modern facilities and high-grade materials
    • Easy accessibility
    • Quick emergency services
    • No compromise customer satisfaction
    • Tailored treatment plans


    Affinity Dentistry