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At Affinity Dentistry, we provide strong, reliable and long lasting tooth replacements options. Customised for comfort and functionality, dental Implants are among the safest and most popular dental procedures to replace missing teeth.

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While dental treatments can be a stressful experience for some people, conscious sedation with happy gas can be the solution for you. This can allow you to get all the dental treatment you require in a relaxed and safe environment.

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Step by Step Dental Implant Procedure
The first step involves a comprehensive oral examination to determine whether dental implants are an appropriate treatment option for the individual. This includes consideration of functional needs, aesthetics, and general circumstances including finances. X-rays and a comprehensive quote will be provided at this visit.

If the tooth that is to be replaced with an implant is still present, an extraction procedure will need to be undergone then prepare the site for implant placement. 

Alveolar bone grafting may be required after extraction if significant bone loss to the site has occurred.This will ensure enough thickness of bone will be present when the implant screw is placed. 

The dental implant “screw” is placed into the jaw bone in a single visit surgical appointment. 

The implant screw is restored with a porcelain crown once proper integration of the implant screw has occurred with the jaw bone. This restoration will now look and function as a natural tooth. 

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