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Crowns Bridges & Veneer


A dental crown may be used to repair a decayed tooth, reinforce a fragile tooth (such as a tooth that has been root canal treated) or to protect a tooth from further cracks. A dental crown is placed over a tooth to restore the tooth to its original form and anatomy.

A dental crown can also be used as part of a dental bridge. A bridge is a form of tooth replacement that involves crowns on two teeth either side of a space and a false tooth that replaces the missing tooth in the middle. Dental bridges are a fixed alternative to dentures. They are a great treatment option, especially if your adjacent teeth will benefit from being reinforced by crowns.

A dental crown is also used as part of the restoration phase of a dental implant, in this case there is a screw place through the middle of the crown which secures it to the titanium implant. Crowns and bridges are most commonly of material such as porcelain or gold.